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        Helping people to be their best selves - never has knowing our values been so important

          Bespoke one to one programmes with expert iAM Developers

          Building inner confidence,  activating positive authenticity

           People understand who they are, their iAM values to build resilience

          Transforming learnt behaviours and workplace personas 

          Raising potential, self awareness, positivity and relationships

          Growing everyone to succeed by being the best version of themselves 

        How iAM 1:1 Development works - values based self leadership

        Creating unique positive characters, iAM one-to-one development helps people to succeed as their best selves; an approach that celebrates individuality and all it can bring. Four, seven or twelve 50-minute confidential sessions that lift self-awareness, balance in approach, authenticity and confidence with clear and visible action to bring the best version of themselves to the workplace.   

        We address four core inner and outer dynamics of being our best at work


        Who benefits from iAM One to One Development

        iAM one to one development is powerful for everyone.  It specifically helps people in leadership roles with self awareness and authenticity.  Knowing who you are allows you to lead yourself and influence and inspire others.    

        'It has helped me review some difficult individuals and situations with a new approach... I feel better able to recognise certain behaviours in myself and do something about them'.


        Improvement in performance can be seen when people can be themselves at work.


        Clients rate the use of our development tools in managing their trigger reactions.


        The impact on improving their motivation & engagement at work through applying their #BY@W learnings.

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        Learn about the character traits that will give you success together so that you can all #BeYourselfAtWork.

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