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Our Manifesto

We are creating a new global standard for work. One where everyone is able to be themselves, confident to navigate the world of work with an unshakeable sense of who they are.  We are changing the narrative of work to one where work is an opportunity to make a unique difference and love it.

For too long, working life has left the majority feeling like they need to shapeshift every Monday morning in order to fit in. Many have been changing their clothes, hair, demeanour, even shrinking themselves - and this affects underrepresented groups more than anyone else. We believe in a different vision. A vision to silence the hurtful self-criticism, quell the overthinking, relieve the pain of imposter syndrome and cast away self-doubt. A work experience not requiring a fix or an off switch. Instead, an opportunity for people to experience who they are and drive productivity and self-satisfaction.

Our movement champions working environments that are not only inclusive, but actively celebrate everyone’s unique value. When we encourage people to discover who they are at their core, and live true to it, we will build a happier, and more productive society.

We are activating the conversation around bringing your authentic self to work and to make this the standard for all. #BeYourselfAtWork is a commitment to change the future of work. We are a community of individuals unafraid to express our true and best selves, who are thriving and driving business and everywhere work happens forward as a result. 

Join us in making your voice heard and creating a new global standard for work, where everyone is able and confident to be themselves.

"Work is more than a job. It is an opportunity to experience who you are and make your unique difference." 


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