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iAM defines who people are, is your best self, is your character - your values, so you can #BeYourselfAtWork

'iAM defines who people are,their best self, their character, and their values'.



Your ‘iAM’ is a simple expression of selfhood...

that you can keep with you always to enjoy the fulfilment and productivity that comes with navigating the world of work with an unshakeable sense of who you are.

iAM defines who people are, their best self, their character, their values.

iAM brings the opportunity to be recruited for who you are as well as what you know. When shared it creates team environments where people are celebrated and accepted for their unique value. iAM is changing the narrative of work to one where work becomes a better life experience for everyone.

iAM uses robust, yet easy, person focused questionnaires and proven methods to define your unique self

in your early career, as a manager, as a leader, as a person, so that you can #BeYourselfAtWork.



'Your iAM is created by you. It is a description of yourself at your best in your own words'.


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Three ways to bring iAM to your workplace.


Digitally via the iAM Platform

A scalable digital experience with instant access, personalised tips, QR code and optional printed cards.

Via an in-house Learning Management System (LMS)

Accessed on an organisation's in-house LMS with each digital file aligned to corporate brand guidelines.

1:1 via a iAM Developer

Complete a 20-minute questionnaire, have a 50-minute call and your iAM is delivered into your inbox with personalised tips, QR code and optional printed cards.


Reduce attrition and lead change with iAM.

By offering your teams the iAM programme you are providing a nurturing environment, improving management and leadership behaviours, workplace culture and the individual maximisation of fulfilment vs. burnout, all for attrition cost avoidance to win the war on talent.

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