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How #BeYourselfAtWork fits into your existing Early Careers Scheme.

iAM Early Careers Development is about embracing your individuality so individuals can pursue a career that will play to their strengths for long-term happiness and fulfilment. They leave the programme with a full grounding in their iAM – their unique set of values – so they can navigate the world of work with an unshakeable sense of who they are. 

Benefits of iAM Early Careers Development

  Motivates and engages Gen Z as they learn how to bring their unique values to the workplace

  Encourages values sharing - bettering communication and improving working relationships

    Provide your early careers with direction and purpose

  Encourage self-awareness, greater communication and adaptability

  Bespoke advice to help launch careers and how to establish their presence in the workplace 

  Increases retention in early careers by improving mental wellbeing

The workplace is changing, it has to.

The younger generation are not motivated by what previous generations are motivated by. They value a role that provides them purpose, rather than a higher wage. They also desire a role that they enjoy, one where they are not consumed by their hours, and one where they feel part of a team, accepted for who they are.

Generation Z wants purpose over profit.

Are you developing the next generation of employees and future leaders for your organisation? Is your graduate or apprentice scheme ready to bring the best out of your new, younger teams?


We’re on a mission to help businesses better understand their new employees and change the narrative of work. We want to assist you to get them excited about working for your organisation and help them discover their values so that they can bring the best of themselves to the workplace.

As a leader, you’ll understand how each member of your team is unique, what motivates them all, and how to coach them effectively. They’ll also understand more about their own selves and discover their inner confidence to perform their work to the best of their abilities.

Research tells us that 70% of workers aged 21-28 regretted joining a company after discovering what the culture was like.

iAM Early Careers - Build a diverse workforce full of energy and new perspectives.

An early careers scheme that embraces individuality, recognising each other’s differences as strengths is a programme that will welcome people from all types of backgrounds and abilities. Learning how to use each individual’s values as strengths creates a dynamic workforce bursting with passion, inspiration and confidence.

Retain your teams to fully utilise your investment.

The ‘War on Talent’ uses more resources –financial, time and energy – than ever before. When 26% of graduates quit within the first 6 months (Mthree Research), creating a team that stays is essential in the modern workplace. Maximise your investment by creating a team of people that are happier, more relaxed and feel accepted as their authentic self.

Understand how to bring the best out of people.

The iAM programme is designed for each of us to self-evaluate and recognise what it is that makes us our own unique self, and how we can use our natural strengths to become our best self without having to compromise who we are.

Help every young person joining your organisation to succeed by being themselves at work.

Our 4 Step iAM Early Careers Workshop

1. iAM

The start of the workshop walks each individual through the process and helps to understand how to use the iAM to identify their unique self.

Each of them will then be invited to participate in the self-created iAM experience.

The answers to their questions will result in the creation of their bespoke iAM, complete with advice on how to be their best selves in the workplace.

2. Debrief and Scoring

A 90-minute webinar where a developer will provide a debrief about the iAM, walk through the layers and personalised tips of each person’s iAM.

Each participant will then score themselves to gauge whether they are being themselves in the workplace, followed by a facilitated discussion about how each person can improve their own scores.

3. What's Stopping You?

The next 90-minute workshop focuses on the question: what gets in the way of me being me?

The conversation concentrates on imposter syndrome, building self-confidence, reactions and behaviour that can guide you toward being your authentic self.

4. Personal Brand Workshop

The final 90-minute webinar explores themes of influencing, building your reputation and taking ownership without having to compromise your own values.

These workshops culminate in a real and targeted action plan to create an authentic, happier and more productive workplace.

How effective is iAM Early Careers?


of #BY@W clients say that our development is different to learning that they had had before.


is the impact on improving their motivation & engagement at work through applying their #BY@W learnings


of #BY@W clients share that the #BY@W development has changed their lives.

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