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        iAM Culture

        Bringing culture to life for everyone

        People being themselves - their values - aligned to your values culture

        iAM Culture is cultural magic.  Designed to enable people to be themselves at work, whilst aligning them to belong, thrive and role model the organisational culture.

          Enable everyone to bring their whole and best self to work

          People  understand who they are, their iAM values, boosting authenticity

          The iAM Culture process matches your  organisational values to each persons iAM

          Personalised tips show each person how to live, belong and champion your culture

          Using  iAM pdf's and printed cards to bring your workplace culture to life

           Available to the Exec,  SLT and to everyone via inhouse LMS

        Cultural Magic

        Successful businesses use strategy, purpose and culture, and all three need to be aligned. The hardest one to get right is often culture. With iAM culture, individuals gain a fundamental understanding of who they are, their values and explore how to be their best selves in the workplace.  Whilst receiving personalised cues on how each of their values aligns with each company value or leadership behaviour.

        The result is a clear set of tips using the words, energy and magic of each individual's iAM values.  You even have the option to have bespoke PDF's and printed cards aligned to your organisation's brand colours and guidelines.


        iAM Culture can be hosted on your Learning Management System

        iAM Culture can be delivered for small teams and at scale for global businesses.  You can place our iAM Culture SCORM file on your own LMS making it accessible via desktop and mobile.  The self-led LMS iAM experience makes it possible to bring culture alignment to life for each individual in just 45 minutes.

        Each digital file can be tailored to match your brand guidelines so that iAM Culture seamlessly integrates within your organisation.

        Digital HR Tech - Inhouse LMS Specs.

        You can choose from several options to incorporate your logo, graphics, fonts, colours, bespoke videos and overall content to suit your learners' and customers' needs.

        Technical Specifications:

        Storyline 360 content in the following formats: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 4th Edition - versions 2nd & 3rd also compatible, AICC, xAPI and CMI5.

        Operating System Specifications: Windows: Window 10 + Mac: OSX + iOS:IOS 10+ (3.10) Android: 10+ (2.7) Latest Web Browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

        “I have done many personality profiles, psychological assessments and strength-based questionnaires. I have found the iAM process to be the most enlightening, really getting to the core of who I am and what drives me.”

        NHS Trust CEO


        the impact on self-awareness gained by iAM users.


        of people say they are a different person at home to at work.


        of iAMers share that #BY@W has changed their lives.

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        Let's improve your self-knowledge, build your skills and boost performance.

        by discovering your unique values that define your true self and explore how they align against your own organisation’s values.

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