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        Episode 1:
        How to Build your Confidence

        In this episode, we discuss building confidence, overcoming challenges, and provide valuable tips and advice to enhance your workplace confidence.

        Episode 2:
        Bring BY@W to your workplace

        This session is about implementing BY@W in your workplace and how you can champion an inclusive environment that actively celebrates values and individuality.

        Episode 3:
        Global Survey

        Discover interesting facts, fascinating statistics, and empowering statements around authenticity in the workplace as we invite you to take the latest BY@W Global Survey.

        Episode 4:
        Define Your Values

        In this episode, we will explore the process of defining your iAM Values. We'll delve into what truly makes you unique, and discover how to fully embrace your authentic self.

        Episode 5:
        Self-Care Rituals

        In this session, we discover the power of self-care rituals as we guide you through some proven practices that will empower you to become the best version of yourself at work.

        Episode 6:
        Free This Is Me

        This episode is all about your upcoming or next career move and how to use your free 'This Is Me' iAM to attract recruiters based on your authentic self and your unique values.

        Episode 7:
        Be You Everyday

        This time we talk about enjoying being your true self each day. Harness the power of your iAM Values and drive your beliefs, thoughts and characteristics to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life

        Episode 8:
        Express Yourself

        In this episode, we explore the significance of using your iAM to embrace your authentic self and the positive impacts it can have on your happiness, openness, and influence in the presence of others.


        Understanding my true self has had a profound effect on achieving a perfect balance between my professional and personal life.

        - James Kidd, CEO Kale LTD