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        iAM 360 Feedback
        Building confidence and self-awareness

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        Reinventing 360 feedback to be our best selves at work

        Fully personalised 360 feedback that uses who people are, their values, to help them become the best versions of themselves.

          Builds confidence by capturing what people do well

          No categorisation. Every feedback report is unique - because we all are

           Clearly explains opportunities for becoming better in both skill and persona

          Allows those giving feedback to celebrate and challenge the receiver anonymously

          A clear and themed report for easy reflection and action

           Shared 1:1 confidentially in a call alongside each individual's iAM

        93% say that iAM is significant in putting 360 feedback into perspective

        Reinventing 360 Feedback

        iAM 360 is the most informative and complete feedback tool in the market.

        The iAM 360 report is entirely made from qualitative answers – honest, unique, detailed and complete observations from colleagues that offers powerful self-awareness. No pre-set categories, no quantitative results and no unstructured opinions.

        Every individual explores how they can use their iAM, their values, to create a clear action plan to advance and be a better version of themselves at work. All by understanding how others experience them vs. who they truly are.


        of #BY@W clients say that our development is different to any learning that they have had before.


        agreed they found the ability to use their natural strengths to maximise their performance.


        The impact on improving their motivation & engagement at work through applying their #BY@W learnings is 84%.


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        Let's chat about how iAM 360 can help people where you work bring their best selves


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